Import data from Propertyware

Property Managers are using propertyware. Ability to import data would be nice.


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Not sure if there is a way to vote for this. I would love to have this. Anything that prevents me from having to add transactions manually that I can screw up is awesome.


@muswei Yes, to vote for a topic, simply click the heart icon at the bottom of the original post!

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I agree. Being able to import data from my property manager would be great. I have two different property managers in different states and they both use Propertyware.

This is the company:

I upvote for this support as 2 of my properties use propertyware

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Yep, this would be a great add. I believe PropertyWare is a fairly common property management app. Upvoted!

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Yes, I would certainly like to see this added. Liked the original post too. Thanks.

Upvoted - more integrations in general

Agreed, would be great to have integration with propertyware

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Support for data imports from PMs using Propertyware is now live on Stessa.

If you have a Stessa account and want to auto-import your data from PW, make sure you have your credentials set up properly on your Data Sources page.

If you have trouble getting connected or are missing any data, please open a 1:1 support conversation via the blue circle at lower right once you’re logged in.

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