PM Distributions and Bank Deposits

I think I have this, but would like to confirm. I’m importing my bank statements and AppFolio (or other) PM reports. The PM reports the distribution and a negative amount and I am categorizing it as Transfers->Owner Distribution.

Then the bank statement shows the matching deposit which I am also categorizing as Transfers->Owner Distributions, so in the reports the net amount is $0. Is that the right way to match these?

By the way, Stessa is fantastic. It is me that has issues.


I am also wondering about this. Did you get an answer or figure out what to do?

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Hi I also have same question. Want to understand if we should just delete the owner distribution from AppFolio and keep the bank Owner Distribution as this is counted as income. And how can we automate this in the future.

FYI I found the following master list and this might help:
Seems like “Transfer” will be excluded from income / expense.

Yes you are correct. This is the way. Owner Distribution for both one will show negative one will show positive. Tip. I like to write a note on the transactions that say “From PM” on the one transaction and “To Bank” on the other one.