Cash Management Account form

Help. I goofed up the cash management account form and can’t delete it. I need to change the EIN on it and can’t go back. All I have is the option to complete the form with supplementary information which won’t match what was written. Why is there no way to delete the form and start over? OR is there and I just can’t find it?

@joeavellar Don’t panic. Just open a new account. There you can designate business type and it will ask for your EIN and other details. If you need to finish your application/form then keep going to get to the end. If the details already entered are inappropriate, the bank will probably ask for additional details then you can have them cancel the application or ask for a denial.

Finally, the help article directs you to open a ticket to close an account.

How do I cancel or close a bank account?

Open a new support conversation by clicking the blue circle at the lower right once logged into Stessa (or use the “Support & Help” option on mobile) and request that a particular cash management account be closed. We’ll reach out to coordinate all details related to permanently closing the account.