Change to cash on cash graph: monthly vs annualized

What was the change on how the Cash on cash graph is reported. It looks like now they are showing an actual monthly return on cash vs an annualized rate of return?

Like if you had a 12% COC for the year, that means you are likely getting a 1% COC each month based on the total investment? Why did they make this change? Or if it wasn’t this, what was the change?

@akmalhot Yes, the cash-on-cash graph was recently updated to respect a new “date placed in service” field for each property. We also moved the reporting over to a straight monthly metric, instead of annualized. We’re flexible on this detail. If the consensus among Stessa users is that cash-on-cash math should always be reported on an annualized basis, we can do it that way.

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Interesting - I Mean I get why it makes sense as it’s technically more accurate. But we also think of returns on an annualized basis in RE as it’s usually a recurring event. I’d prefer it to revert to the original or have the option to pick .

Yeah I have always heard/seen the CoC metric reported on an annualized basis. Think I’d prefer it that way, or to have a choice to toggle between the two.

@akmalhot @christopher.mikle

Good news! We’ve updated Stessa so that all cash-on-cash figures are now reported on an annualized basis.

Visit your Dashboards to see your new CoC metrics.

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