Chat "not seen yet"

On Jan 31, I wrote:

“two applicants reported being unable to authorize credit/background check and pay fee. They filled out the form but “for some reason, it keeps asking for a number on a section where it says income, which we keep putting in” Please advise”

There was no response.

On 2/1, in the same thread, I wrote:

“What is happening? I lost my applicants because of this. I would like to try to make your program work for me. Please advise.”

It still shows “not seen yet.” WTF?

I’m not getting any level of service from Stessa, they don’t have the help, I’m going to have to move on unfortunately, too bad I’ve always been a supporter of them.

@holdingsrogue Stessa for bookkeeping. Alternative platforms for property management activities (leasing, maintenance, communication).


what are the alternate platforms you use for maintenance?

@jaberger10 @holdingsrogue Hello, it seems that I have contacted both of you individually.