Deal Analysis/Tax Strategy/Estate Planning/Asset Protection

Offer a deal checker type of platform that helps a real estate investor enter information on a potential investment and compare the pro forma financials to their current portfolio’s financials. This would allow investors to compare the individual investment but also how that would impact their entire portfolio.

For example, if a long-term rental investor decided to look at a flip or a short-term rental, they could see how the projected cash flow would impact their overall portfolio and current investment cash flow.

Also, it would be ideal to help with tax planning purposes such as giving generic advice on the use of 1031 exchanges and the impact of short-term capital gains, long-term capital gains, recaptured depreciation, etc.

In line with tax strategy, I think it would be great to give estate planning and asset protection planning strategies. I think many investors would greatly benefit from understanding how to set up their businesses to help protect assets in the event of a lawsuit, default on debt, and divorce. Also, understanding how to involve your heirs and set up your business to be handed down to your heirs as advantageously as possible.

Again, with the tax strategy, it would be really nice to have a little bit of a projection on each transaction as to how that could impact taxes. For example, if there was a way to see how a regular repair and maintenance expense or depreciation would lower taxes due and how much of rent income would increase projected taxes, that would be awesome!