Holistic report on investment returns

It would be great to see a report on total $ gains (or losses) and IRR by property, rather than just cash on cash. ie [NOI + debt paydown - interest + appreciation] / [purchase equity + capex], or something similar. Show return as a dollar amount, multiple of invested capital, and IRR. Property-by-property. Would be a great way to get a snapshot of how properties are performing vs. expectations and relative to each other.


I couldn’t agree more, I also agree with your calculation method as well.

To add, I would really like the ability to select date ranges for the dashboard (All time, 12 month rolling, this year, this quarter, this month, etc.)

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One more thing that would be great, be able to toggle net cash flow with and without purchase, sale, and refinance.

I would like to be able to see my all in cash flow after my cash out refi’s.