More reports, some with custom criteria

Ability to pull more reports. Like owner contributions and disbursement to show what has been invested by who into a property. Generally just the ability to pull reports on any categorized expense / transaction would be great.


I would like to see Owner Contributions and Distributions.

@matthew.kurkowski @macioceproperties I want to quickly highlight that all categories with at least one transaction during the selected time period are included on the Income Statement report, and (optionally) on the Net Cash Flow report as well. Are you seeing something different?

I guess I’d just like the ability to pull more reports beyond just the income statement. For example the ability to see what each owner has contributed to a specific property.

After receiving an answer in another post, it seems like the Owner Contributions and Owner Distributions are more for properties with a property manager, transferring cash back and forth.

@matthew.kurkowski, I believe you are most interested in knowing how much of your own cash you invested in a property, whether it is your cash to cover the acquisition, operating shortfalls, CAPEX, working capital, etc.? I believe this is imperative for REI that treat their investing as a business, and each property separately.

For example, I have a bank account for each property that I own. All transactions for that property occur from the property’s bank account. However, let’s assume that my property bank account has $500.00 in account, and that I have a mortgage payment of $1,000.00 due at the end of month. Let’s further assume that I do not expect to collect rent prior to my mortgage payment. In order to pay my mortgage, I need to transfer in additional cash (from a personal, non-property bank account… aka additional cash investment) to cover my operational shortfall. Would this be considered an Owner Contribution? On the other hand, if I had a huge surplus of cash in a property account, and wanted to pull money out, would that be considered an Owner Distribution?

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Exactly. And in addition we also have private investors that we pay interest to during our acquisition and rehab phase before we Refi into long term financing. So it would be great to pull a report and each property to know who’s money is invested and how much at any given period of time.

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