New Reports tab w/ unit level reporting

It would be nice that with the addition of unit #s and the new reports tab if you could run a report with just the unit #. That way you could see how profitable/not a particular unit in a certain building is. Right now the reports show all units as a whole.


I would agree. Would also be helpful if you could see capital expenses by unit. This way when it is time to sell you have a nice recap to show potential buyers.


The option by unit is available now.


I agree! I assumed when they added tracking by Units that it would be a filter option in the Reports, but when I ran a tax package it was not an option which was very frustrating.

Yes, agree that it would be good to filter/add unit into the reporting. Esp when house hacking, I need to be able to split the reporting out by the unit I live in vs the rented unit

Is this not possible? I assumed that was the entire point of splitting expensed by unit. Please don’t tell me that I wasted all that time going through and splitting expenses…

I just did my taxes and YES you can do the reports by units.
In order for the Unit filter to come up you have to first filter the report by Property then the Unit filter comes up and you select it by Unit. Voila!