Disconnect my bank

How do I disconnect my bank account-its messing everything up and I would rather do everything manaually at this time.

After logged into Stessa on the Left hand side of the screen. Go all the way down to External Accounts. See image below:


Then at the top of the external page you will see Bank & Financial Institutions, your bank should be listed there.

If your bank is listed, then click on the gear icon and select Delete Login: See image below:


This should open up a warning page that looks like this:

Then type DELETE in all caps and it will delete your bank account. It might throw another warning letting you know, that this will delete transactions you have listed or transactions will need to be categorized. I don’t remember exactly what it says but you might get another warning before you delete.

Just be ready for everything linked to the bank will get messed up. You may have to put all your transactions back. So make sure to have a backup of your transactions or at least have a .csv file ready to go BEFORE you delete. I learned this the hard way. I deleted my bank and then had to go back and redo everything from scratch.