Double mortgage loans, balance is 2x actual

Stessa is showing that I have double loans (which I don’t) on some of my properties. How can I fix this?

I had this problem when I linked my mortgage accounts as well as my bank accounts. I just removed the mortgage accounts to avoid this.

I think these may be two separate issues.

If you’re seeing two instances of the same mortgage (and possibly a reported mortgage balance that is 2x the actual figure), this is easily fixed. If you’ve linked a mortgage account via your External Accounts page, then it’s likely this imported data did not exactly match the mortgage card you already set up via Property Details. Just delete the manually added mortgage card and stick with the connected lender account data going forward. This article might help: Mortgages & Loans: Add & Edit

If you’re seeing two instances of the same mortgage payment, then it’s likely because you’ve linked both the bank account from which you pay the mortgage and the lender account that receives the payment. Stessa is designed to auto-categorize one side of the transaction as a “Transfer” so that it doesn’t get double-counted on your reporting. If you’re not seeing one side categorized as a “Transfer” then please open a 1:1 support ticket so we can investigate and resolve going forward.