Duplicates when both bank and mortgage accounts are linked


I couldn’t find this question asked/answered elsewhere in this forum but apologies if it’s a dupe.

I have linked both the bank account that pays the mortgage, and the mortgage account itself for a particular property. Stessa does its awesome work in reading transactions from the mortgage provider and splitting them up into principal/interest/whatever. It also creates a transaction for the debit from my bank account that pays this mortgage bill, so in the rolled up view it thinks I’ve paid 2x what I really have.

The obvious thing to do is to go and manually delete the bank account transactions and keep the mortgage account transactions. Totally happy to do that but was wondering if there is a more elegant solution to this?

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I ended up deleting the mortgage account instead, since I have multiple rental properties coming to the same checking account.

@edward @brayna.properties The best practice here is definitely to leave both accounts connected. Stessa should automatically categorize the bank side of these payments to “Transfers.” That will allow you to track them without impacting financial reporting, etc.

In the rare instance when the numbers don’t add up exactly or there are other complications, please open a 1:1 support conversation by clicking on the blue circle once you’re logged in.

We’ll take a closer look at your mortgage payments situation and get it cleaned up for you going forward.