How to handle double mortgage payment transactions

I am trying to run an end of the year net cash flow for my taxes. However, I have had my mortgage account in Stessa to basically track the mortgage balance, and I have my rental checking account at a different bank linked for all transactions. So when I make a rental checking payrment via bill pay to send to my mortgage company that transaction shows up and I attached that to my houses portfolio. However, when the mortgage company receives that payment it also shows up as a mortgage payment and so I just attach that to the general portfolio. So when I run the net cash flow for 2020 I show the mortgage payment and a general mortgage payment and so I end up showing a big net operating loss. How do I get rid of the mortgage company receiving the payments from the overall report?

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Yep. I’m noticing that too. I think what I’m going to do is count the original payment as a transfer and the actual mortgage payment as the payment. I’m choosing that way b/c the mortgage breaks itself into interest and principal payments already.

If this is wrong for some accounting reason, please someone let me know. :slight_smile:

Yes, categorizing one of the dupes under “Transfers” is indeed the best practice. That will keep it from impacting your cash flow twice. The system will sometimes recognize the dupe and switch one of the line items over to “Transfers” automatically, but it often depends on whether your bank/lender includes a sufficient amount of easily identifiable information in the imported transaction.