Filter by Multiple Categories

Would really like to be able to filter by multiple transaction categories at the same time, instead of just one category at a time. For example, there are times I’d like to be able to see all the items associated with travel at once, but right now I can only view all of admin & other, or a single subcategory. In this example, I’d like to be able to select travel, admin, and meals in a single filter.


Hi @b1brocks and @jtgpropertiesllc thanks for raising this feature request. It’s a pretty common request and we’ve been trying to figure out a way to do it without requiring a lot of extra clicks when you want to switch between categories (having to make sure to deselect the old category and then select the new category).

Can you tell me a bit more about what you’re doing when you’re looking at a group of categories, like the travel example. Is this related to taxes, trying to see spend over time, is it part of making sure that your transactions are categorized, etc.?


Hi Theo! Thank you for your response.

Today I as able to gather an example: Stessa showed a “new transaction for 2024” that occurred in 2023, on the exact same day/month in 2023. I have already sent a message to the stessa team through the chat feature, but here is an example that I gained through this:

I’d like to first say that the flags have been an excellent addition, and I have found them to be very useful so far - especially in this particular scenario. they allowed me to pull in both transactions through my manual selection.

that being said, however, in this scenario, I wanted to see both 2024 and 2023 data quickly, without needing to do a ton of searching and filtering.

So in this scenario, it would be nice if I could filter by PROPERTY, then have options to select multiples for either CATEGORY (such as “transfers, credit card payments” AND “repairs & maintenance”

Having the ability to select multiple options often comes in handy when I am trying to troubleshoot, or evaluate transactions that may be associated with each other, but may be categorized differently.

I will post another example in another reply to you

Another example as to when being able to select multiples would be helpful is when Stessa switched banking platforms and I needed to create all new accounts. This caused a ton of confusion for my bookkeeping, especially since the transition occurred in the later part of the year/month.

Here is what happened:

  1. Stessa changed backing platforms
  2. I submitted the approval to “migrate” all of my banking data from prior accounts to new accounts
  3. When interest and cash back credits were applied to the old accounts, the accounts were closed
  4. Because the accounts were closed, the prior bank issued a check via the mail. This caused a large delay, as snail mail is very unpredictable. It was so slow, that some of the checks were deposited in the future year, thus skewing the 1099-INT forms matching with my tax package that was exported from Stessa.
  5. As I was preparing and reviewing my tax package data, it was VERY difficult to figure out and link of all of the credits and deductions, as they were amongst a variety of accounts.

It would have been much more helpful if I could have linked all these transactions as “associated with each other,” or if I could have been able to select MULTIPLE accounts so that I could better perform bookkeeping review of my credits and debits in my accounts.

It took a lot of time and energy to validate the various changes. It would have also been helpful in this scenario if I could have been able to select “STESSA INTEREST” and select “TRANSFERS” at the same time, which would have been very helpful for bookkeeping review.

Ability to multi-select properties would be especially beneficial for us. Thanks!

Yes agree, selecting multiple properties and or categories, accounts, amounts would be a great feature

@theo - I know wasn’t on this thread before but I have a pretty good example of how it is helpful to be able to select multiple ways to filter your transactions.

I have a bookkeeper go through and upload receipts for me but we don’t need receipts for tracking internal transfers when I’m moving money between bank accounts which is common. I would use the feature to exclude all transfers from the list of transactions and it would be very clear which transactions were missing receipts.