Filter transactions based on amounts / absolute values?

Filter for amounts on the Transactions page works in a strange way.
It looks like it uses only absolute values of the amounts.
Just for testing purposes I entered 8 transaction with amount values [-4, -3, -2, -1, 1, 2, 3, 4].
When I define a filter for Amount with [Minimum = 0; Maximum = 2.5], its definition displays as [$2.50 and under].
I see 4 transactions with amount = [-2, -1, 1, 2].
This subset doesn’t match neither the defined range of values, nor the displayed definition of the filter.
I hope I am missing something. What is it?
Thank you.

@sapronovyt Yes, the amount filter uses absolute values to enable faster searches. This relieves you of the obligation to type the (-) character every time you want to see expenses within a certain range.

Is there something specific you’re looking to do here?

Typing the (-) character is not a big deal in my opinion. But this prevents me, for example, from filtering out all expenses and display only positive amount. Along with a few transactions with positive amounts I see a whole bunch of negative once, which makes this filter practically useless in this particular (but pretty common) scenario. I would rather type in one (-) character, than manually scrolling through many unwanted transactions. It would make this filter much more flexible. But this is my personal opinion, of course.

Thanks for reaching out! As a temporary workaround, you can click to sort by the Amount column. The sorting does not use absolute value; if you sort in Descending order, then all your positive transactions will be listed at the top, and the negative transactions will be at the bottom.

I am curious - why are you searching for only positive transactions between $0 and $2.50? If there’s a specific task you’re trying to perform, it will help us understand if there are other ways we can improve our product. Thanks!

Hi Walter,

Thank you for your comments. I did use sorting by amounts as a workaround. But it’s what it is called - workaround.
From the point of view of traditional math seeing negative amounts along with positive ones when, for example, I define the range as [$50 to $100] looks kind of strange.
To answer your question: he reason for searching only positive amounts is simple: I want to see incoming cash.