Foreign properties and international currencies

We have properties outside of the US and would like to be able to track those properties in Stessa. It would be great if we could add properties using foreign currency and accepting foreign addresses.


I’m in the same boat. Would love to add a foreign property but Stessa will not recognize the address.


Hello - I’m looking for the same feature: adding properties outside of the US using the local currency/address.


It would be great to be able to change the default currency. I would get value from EURO. Thank you


I have a property in Jamaica and would like to add it to my Stessa Portfolio … Will there be an manual entry option for international properties?


Yes - the main need for me is to track income and expenses. Even if the rest of the information provided in the US is not available outside of the US (address of the property, estimated value of the property, etc.) so long as I was able to track income and expenses, it would make it so much easier. It seems the barrier is that the system doesn’t recognize addresses outside of the US. Would there be a way of creating a Custom Address category for no other reason but to allow the tracking of income and expenses?

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+1, I would love to add foreign properties as well

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+1, would like to use foreign currency (EUR)

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Another vote for customised address for property outside US and multi currency! That would be a huge break through for Stessa itself .

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Is there any update on this? I’d like to be able to add a international property where the address cannot be found. Currencies could be more complicated if I had to guess.