General Ledger Report - Date Format Incorrect

I export the General Ledger report on a monthly basis, and even more often at tax time while I am double-checking my transactions.

I notice that every time I export the report, the dates are automatically formatted in a way that Excel does not label them as a DATE.

I have to manually double-click in each date cell, and hit ENTER, for the dates to be formatted.

When you are working in an Excel document and need to do this to 20-500 rows, it gets really problematic.

Here is an image showing the excel date column. The RED are the ones that I double-clicked, and hit ENTER to format them.

The PINK are the ones that I have not edited yet.

**Note that I ALSO have already tried to “FORMAT”’ through right-clicking, and formatting either individual cells, or the entire column as dates, and it does not work. Manually double-clicking and hitting enter is the only way it will format correctly.

This is a huge dissatisfier that doesn’t require any fancy new features. Can this please be fixed?