Reports do not immediately reflect transaction edits


It is getting close to the end of the year, and I started running financial reports in my account, the inevitable “fat finger” mistakes are starting to show up.

I manually removed all of my transfers that were simply mortgage payments that were already in the app, and categorized all my mortgage payments as mortgage payments, I had half of them only under “mortgage loans” .

After updating and classifying transactions, I run the export but the report looks exactly the same even though the transactions have updated inside Stessa.

Also I had a few transactions under " all properties " that just went against my portfolio, I updated all of them to be assign to an specific property, but all of those transactions still show up under my portfolio when exporting the Income Statement report.

Is anyone else experiencing this type of issue?

Looks like all I had to do was wait an hour or two to refresh the reports, and then the info updated.

@cdeoliveira Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is definitely a bug and we’re actively working on a resolution. Edits to transactions should populate through to all reports immediately. We’ll post an update here once resolved.

@cdeoliveira Bug resolved. All Reports now show real-time transactions data with no lag time. Please post here if you find otherwise!