Transactions aren't uploading!

How do I get any sort of support with issues like this? I have over 60 properties I have been dilligently working to upload from Quickbooks. At first it seemed to be going okay (lots of dissecting to get the excel file to CSV) but now I have noticed for no particular reason many transactions are not uploading! Where are they going? This is causing a major delay in my project as my only option at this point is to manually check each transaction and then manually add the ones that didn’t properly upload! please help!

I am having the same issue that started on March 31st. I’m manually uploading cvs files and it is not uploading all the transactions. The most recent one it skipped all the income from Feb - June in one file and all the tenant pass-throughs income on another property. Please help with this ASAP as this should be simple and much like @lhart I’m left trying going through manually which really isn’t an option. So far for me what I’ve noticed is it’s missing income not expenses…but I haven’t gone through line by line to confirm this. HELP!

Today it uploaded the first 10 rows of the cvs file then stopped. I tried clearing the cache in my browser (chrome) and that didn’t seem to help and now it won’t import anything that I upload. So still waiting to hear what might fix this issue.

Just want to chime in - my last automatic uploads happened 3/10. What’s most annoying is, I log into my bank, US Bank, and SOME of my accounts upload transactions, while others, still in US Bank, do not!

Stessa should consider a name-change to a more appropriate Stressa. This is awful.

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Has anyone had any luck getting through to Stessa’s support tab? I am having the same issue with transactions not uploading since early March and I have not been responded to.

I got a response from someone at Stessa:

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, I’m looking into this and I will get back to you soon.”

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@lhart thanks for the update. Hopefully they can get it fixed fast. Need to get this uploaded for tax purposes and we’re cutting it close. :cold_face:

I got it to upload two cvs files for two properties completely and then it started missing things again. The last sheet it missed the first 4 rows and only uploaded 44 of the 82 transactions.