Airbnb Transaction Export Won't Upload

I tried downloading the Transaction Summary CSV file as described here and haven’t been able to upload the transactions. It keeps saying:

" The header row of the CSV file you are trying to upload does not match the format we support.

Your file was not imported. Please check that your file meets the requirements and try again."

But I was able to upload the exact same export two weeks ago. Could the team look into this?


I am having the same issue. I’ve been uploading the Transaction Summary CSV for several months now and this is the first time it didn’t work for me.

I am having the same issue since the Airbnb Winter Release. The instructions on the linked page worked great until Airbnb changed the way a host downloads transactions in the Winter Release. Stessa, will there be an update to this?

I am experiencing the same problem on both the current Transactions Page and the New Preview Version.

I’m having the same issue. I’m unable to import CSV files from Airbnb to Stessa anymore. Until December 2023, I never had any problem uploading CSV files. But now… Can Stessa help us with this issue?

I also contacted support about this DAYS ago and no reply at all. This is such a basic function to no longer work. And reworking the document into their template would be a ton of effort. Stessa, please help.

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Did anyone submit this as a bug report? I submitted a bug report regarding the change in mileage and they got back to me within 2 days. Worth a try.


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Same issues here. trying to run year end reporting since my bank account flopped in august.

They replied saying fixed yesterday but still not working for me.

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Hi, has anyone been able to adjust the CSV file to upload properly?

I am having the same issue.

Airbnb changed their reporting export feature in December 2023 and it appears Stessa hasn’t accounted for that change. When I receive the error “header of the CSV does not match” I am unable to find documentation on what fields are required (and possibly in what order).

@stessa support, this is an important bug/refinement but I don’t see any engagement on this thread. Am I missing something (or another documentation update)?

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Hello - I am new to STESSA and I am trying to set up my Airbnb Reservation Transactions on Stessa and the CSV file will not upload. Anyway ever receive support from Stessa to get this done? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks