Not importing all transactions before June 2022

When I create a report it’s only showing transactions from June 2022 to the present. This is stopping me from being able to create a Schedule E for the year 2022. How do I get these older transactions into the application?

@bryan Could be a few things. When you run the report is it defaulting to “last 12 months”? This will only then show half way through 2022. Make sure you have “Last Calendar Year” selected.


If that’s not it, check under the transactions tab, filter your dates to 1/1/22 to 12/31/22 and make sure you see all of your transactions listed there.

After that I’m at a bit of a loss without poking around your account with you. If you need to actually enter the transactions, there is a bulk import feature but you need to be careful using it. One typo can screw it all up.

Good luck!


Hi Tom,

I think I figured out the issue. I deleted all my connections and started over fresh from the beginning. I still can upload all of my past transactions. In fact, on this load of the data have two months less transactions that I did on the first load. I suspect that there is a hard coded limit on the number of months that can be imported.