How do I check for duplicate transaction entries?

How do I check for duplicate transaction entries?


Agree. I recently imported data from my excel file and I am noticing some of the bank transactions have doubled.

There’s currently no automated way to search for duplicate transactions, other than to sort your Transactions page by amount and then scan visually for identical charges on the same date.

You’re welcome to request a specific de-duping feature via the Wishlist if you like.

This is not good at all.
I just started and feel it might be more work for me to go through each transaction. Can’t this be corrected? IT’s tax season and our records have to be correct. Please help us

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You’d likely want to go through the transactions manually either way, if you want the records to be correct. An automated de-dup feature could potentially introduce challenges as well, since it could remove valid transactions accidentally.

This looks old and may not be helpful any more but sometimes it’s easier to delete them all and then run the upload to a clean slate that way you know it is only the one upload and not potentially two. Just a suggestions.