How does an rental applicant delete his/her application?

I’m using the rental applications feature for the first time. An applicant started filling out the applicant form, and her husband entered himself as a separate applicant on the same application.

We said they could save some money and pay for a credit check only for him. They have both completed the applicant forms, but Stessa is saying the application is incomplete. We’re thinking this is because she didn’t do the credit check, but we don’t know for sure.

I asked her to try deleting herself as one of the applicants, and she can’t figure out how. We are unable to approve or deny the application. Those boxes are grayed out because the application is still incomplete. We aren’t sure what to do.

Feedback is welcome. Thanks!


@Caryn - did you have any luck with this? I’m in a somewhat similar situation where the wife started her application and completed it. She listed her husband w/ his email. He then followed the link and submitted his application.

For some unknown reason, his showed up as a stand alone application - it’s complete and ready to be approved/denied. Hers is still showing as incomplete, even though she paid and all the necessary reports are there. Under her application, her husband’s is listed as incomplete…

In case anyone else runs into this: If the primary applicant lists additional applicants (husband, friend, etc.) they are required to fill out the complete application (including paying full price for the background, income verification, etc.).

I was only using the primary applicant for these purposes and did not request the other applicant complete them… thus the application remained incomplete. I just had to go around Stessa and approve them. It didn’t seem to impact anything post-application stage.