How to categorize mortgage initial balance

I have a couple of properties in Stessa that happen to be serviced by Dovenmuehle at their site. Stessa has a nice integration with this, which is great.

I just refinanced these properties and now I see a couple of transactions labeled “Loan principal balance set up” - one per mortgage. These are just the initial balances for the loans, but they’re showing up as transactions in Stessa, and because they’re each a six figure sum it’s rather throwing all my numbers off :slight_smile:

I couldn’t see a particular category to use for this, so thought I might just delete the 2 “transactions”, but wondered if there was a better way?

Thanks - big fan of Stessa so far.

@edward Good question and thanks for the kind words about Stessa! Glad to hear it’s working out for you. Regarding these new balance transactions, we recommend simply deleting them. Your loan accounts should already be reporting the new balances, which is what Stessa will use to track outstanding debt. Hope that helps!

Ok will do, thanks :slight_smile:

Follow up question. I also have two new mortgages through Dovenmuehle but only one shows up. In the Dovenmuehle portal I can see both and switch between them but only one showed up in Stessa. Any thoughts?

I should also add, I usually mark these types of transactions as “transfer” so they don’t hit any important calculations anyway. I’m a pack rat when it comes to data so I don’t want to lose anything :slight_smile:

There’s now a dedicated help article that clears up many outstanding questions about logging purchases, sales, and refinances in Stessa. Check it out: Track Purchases, Sales, and Refinances