Automatically adjust mortgage principal balance based on mortgage payments

I’ve entered the original (total) debt amount, and I’ve added mortgage payment transactions. It’d be awesome if the system would use the mortgage data I entered to automatically calculate how much I owe now so I don’t have to worry about updating it for each property each month.

(Note: This would probably require my “enter any amount into amortization field” wishlist post as well, as my mortgage on one property is a 13-year amortization, and Stessa doesn’t currently support 13 years)


This is a big deal for me and is why I don’t use Stessa as much as I would like to. I don’t know why this issue hasn’t been addressed yet or gotten more attention.

@jason @sbncjtoney Thanks for your comments regarding mortgage balances. We’d be interested to know why you’re tracking mortgages manually instead of linking your mortgage accounts via the External Accounts page? Is it because your lender isn’t available? This is generally the most reliable way to ensure your mortgage balance remains up to date.

Hi Devin,

I have 3 mortgages. 2 are with The Federal Savings Bank that Stessa doesn’t communicate with.
The other is Freedom Mortgage. The principle balance is OK but the Escrow balance looks off.
I noticed that 2 months of data transfer were missed 12/21 & 1/22.
It seems the communications with lenders & bank always seem to have issues that require me to hit the “Fix It” button.
Today I had to do that again for my Credit Union and it didn’t work.
A pain to keep everything posting correctly.


Carmen Toney

My lenders are also not available. One large lender that I have is Mr. Cooper and the small lender is a credit union.