Auto calculate principal pay down on loan

As the mortgage gets paid or expenses get coded as mortgage payments the principle amount on each property dashboard would reflect the new amount. This would then roll up to the dashboard to show total equity vs what is leveraged.


This would be very helpful. I manually go in each month and edit the principal balance to track the equity value.

Thanks for the suggestion.


@chad229 @cassidy Good news! A related feature has been implemented across the Stessa platform. Your actual mortgage balances (as reported by your connected mortgage institutions) are now reflected on all dashboards and reporting. Manual updates to mortgage balances are no longer necessary once you’ve connected your Stessa account to your lender.

Note that principal payments recorded on your Transactions page will not automatically reduce your loan balance on mortgages that were set up manually. We strongly recommend linking your lender/mortgage accounts to Stessa in order to automate as fully as possible.


Thank you for the update. I just setup the link.

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