How to remove notification from the middle of monthly cash flow chart

There’s a “Net Cash Flow by Month” chart on the Dashboard that is the first thing I look at each month. I just started in REI last year, so my data only goes back to Nov 2021. As a result, there is a large notification box in the middle of the chart that reads, " Add a full year of transactions to visualize your cash flow and prepare for tax time," with a button to go to the transactions page (see image below). It blocks a pretty big chunk of the chart and has become pretty irritating to look at. I cannot find any way to remove the box or dismiss the notification. Am I doomed to stare at this irrelevant notification until Nov 2022, when I have a full year of transactions?

@jrstaples1 Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, the notification box is persistent but it should never block any actual data, that’s why it’s shown as shifted over to the left side on your chart. There’s currently no way to dismiss this notice.

@devin I replied on Jul 2 with an updated screenshot showing the notification blocking a portion of the bar chart and the values on the Y axis, but my post has not been approved yet. Any plans to address this silly notification that has no purpose and cannot be dismissed?