Inputting data from prior time periods

hello. i have been using Stessa since the beginning of this year and love it.

i have about 15 years of income and expanses i wanted to input so it would be reflected in reports. i created 2 transaction for each property as if they took place on december 31, 2020, one for 15 years of expenses, the other for 15 years of income.

i see now impact in some reports like the net cash flow, but on the dashboard the “net cash flow by month” is thrown off by the very large figures.

was there a better way to input this data?


@stoneproperties Yes, the way you’ve done this is by far the most efficient, but will of course skew your trailing 12-month Net Cash Flow charts. The alternative would be to use a cut off date of December 31, 2019 instead and input monthly figures for all of 2020. This would take more time of course, but would result in cleaner Dashboard metrics and reporting for 2020 onwards. Hope that helps!