Start tracking in Jan 2021, how to ignore / delete prior transactions

I started using Stessa in Jan 2021. However, when I imported from my property management company, it brought in years of data. Is there a way to import only the data from 2021 so I can get the amount due and paid to be accurate?

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@damasenterprisesllc There’s currently no way to tell the system to only import transactions after a certain date, but you can easily delete everything prior to a certain date. Just use the date range filter on the Transactions page along with the bulk delete function. You can delete up to 100 line items at a time. Here’s how…

Use Bulk Transaction Edits to Save Time

I am brand new, so take this as you will, I had a similar situation and under Leases and Tenants I was able to adjust the starting balance date to the day I acquired the properties last month. It didn’t delete the prior transactions (that didn’t come in as payments so had me way off) but gave me a fresh starting place and now all my numbers are correct and I can see who is late on their April rent tomorrow. HTH

Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thank you!