Start Stessa reconciling On Jan. 1, 2022 - HOW?

When I first started using Stessa, it could go back only one year so couldn’t use it for 2021 reconciliation as it can’t snag my transactions at the start of 2021. SO, I want to make Stessa reconcile starting on Jan. 1, 2022. How can I do that now that I have already set up my account?

I want to NOT have to go back and reconcile all of 2021 since I am not using it for 2021.

Should I delete everything and start it all over again with a Jan. 1 2022 start date?

Thank you!

It’s really up to you, but keep in mind that the Transactions page doesn’t have a built-in reconciliation feature. You’ll want to accomplish this via your Reports, which can be filtered based on whatever date range you like. In terms of importing data into your account going back to only January 1, 2022, automatic bank connections don’t provide this level of customization. You’ll need to import whatever your bank chooses to provide, and then supplement via a data file upload, or delete older transactions if too much data was imported. Hope that helps!