Removing transactions data before a certain date

I began using Stessa in 2021. I tracked my income/expenses using a different software previously. My linked bank accounts keep showing transactions needing attention from prior to 1/1/21. Additionally, it skews my returns by having incomplete data prior to this year. Is there any way to exclude ALL transactions from ALL accounts (rental income, expenses, everything) without just manually going through and deleting hundreds of transactions? MY bank pulled in transactions going back almost 2 years.

@offnerepropertiesllc Thanks for the question. No, there’s no automated way to exclude or auto-delete transactions prior to a certain date.

You can, however, bulk delete 50 transactions at a time. To do this, visit your Transactions page, apply a custom date filter to see only your older transactions, then click the checkbox at the top of the checkbox column. This will select all 50 transactions on the page. Click the “Delete” button at upper right. Do this a few times and your data should be all cleaned up and ready to go.

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