I am fine and don't need a Pro upgrade

How can I get my access back? For some reason, all of a sudden, my property categories have been starred, and now it takes me to a page where I can upgrade for $16 a month, which I don’t want or need, but I can’t directly access those starred categories.


@flazmatic I believe you’re talking about being able to sort by property portfolios?

If so, that was turned into a pro feature. You can read more about the differences on their pricing page. Note that it looks like it’s $16/mth if billed annually, $20/mth if billed monthly, and no free trial.

And if you’d like to join the discussion about Pro features that used to be free see this post:

Disclaimer: i’m not an employee of Stessa or Roofstock, so YMMV

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I would also express my disappointment. If you wanted to add features and charge a fee for them, that wouldn’t see as punitive as removing features that were previously provided and then charging for them. If I knew I was supporting new feature development, it would be easier to understand rather than trying to monetize parts of what were already features in the product.


I am not happy to see all the required features are marked as Pro!! Its a very short sighted approach. You have many other ways to generate revenue apart from the approach you took. I think many will look for other options or compare to value based subscription which result in loosing the clients. You need a innovative business model when other software in this segment provide free platform and generating income from screening and bank transactions. Then how you can justify the paid version.