Import data from Buildium

Would also love buildium integration. Love Stessa and its straight-forward interface, but lack of Buildium integration makes it much less useful.

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Any update on adding Buildium to the roadmap? If you point me to the APIs, I can have someone on Fiver code it up cheap :slight_smile:


Buildium, even as a competitor to stessa should be integrated … 2 of my PMs use Buildium and if intergraded like appfolio it would make stessa a much better product… Its only reason I don’t fully vouch for stessa to friends with portfolios.

I have to upvote Stessa and Buildium integration too, it’s a crucial and painful corner of my investments and my investors’.
I’m starting to migrate my portfolios and my investors’ to self management (using Hemlane), in which all transactions would be performed directly with my bank account (as opposed to using traditional PM, which maintains my own internal account that doesn’t include major parts of my expenses and incomes). How else can I import all transactions from my PM’s portal, assuming direct import is currently impossible? Is this integrations somewhere in Stessa’s roadmap?

Hi garrettjdilley, any update here regarding .csv imports?

Hi guys, any updates here? Stessa is just awesome for my investments but migration from Buildium is just too painful…

+1 vote to get builsium integration supported for automated transaction syncing.

Im read this whole thread, I signed up for the premium before checking to see that they had a buildium integration, its a little strange that this seems to be a important feature for a big portion of their customer base but they havent really moved on it.

what are we using instead of stessa that does integrate buildium ?