Import data from Buildium

Wondering if you’ve figured this out. I’m trying to set up Stessa, today, and my property manager uses Buildium. Thanks in advance!

Since it’s fairly obvious that Stessa doesn’t really care about this request, I wrote a python script that helps me and my family move Buildium transactions into Stessa and associate them with a property. It’s open source and has installation and run instructions.

Feel free to use it for those that are a bit more tech savvy.

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Would love to see integration with Buildium, as well.

@austinbcomstock Thanks so much, I am tech savvy and I was really glad to see your github link. However, the link doesn’t work. Can you update? Thank you!

@carl Here’s an updated link. Feel free to let me know if you have an issues

I would like Buildium to be supported as well. This software is getting much more acceptance from community lately.

I would also love to see Buildium integration I love Stessa for financials but need the transactions from my PM who uses Buildium

Not having the ability to integrate with Buildium is a deal breaker for me unfortunately I can not use stessa and it doesn’t seem like it’s a priority to the company to have anytime in the near future.

You should revisit this I think your missing out on customers because if it. I would love to use your program but having over 160 units and no integration for Buildium is a deal breaker.

any update on Buildium import?