Link Airbnb and VRBO accounts for STR bookkeeping

Accurate bookkeeping is important for tax time and STRs are a little more complicated.

Stessa currently only has the ability to track the payouts from both platforms through a connected bank. This request is for Stessa to have a connection between Airbnb and VRBO so that owners can track gross revenue and platform fees.

For example in the current version of Stessa, let’s say I received a booking on Airbnb that totals for $100. If I donated 1% of my total earnings to and then pay the service fee of 3%, my bank account shows a $96 payout ($100 - $1 - $3). The current product only shows that $96 payout.

In the future, I’d like to automatically import the gross $100 from Airbnb to Stessa as short term rent revenue, then have a line item cost for platform fees such as service fees (ABB & VRBO), charity donations (ABB) and payment processing fees (VRBO). This would allow for more accurate tracking of top line revenue as well as associated platform costs come tax time.

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