Record AirBnB Deposit or Import a .CSV?

I originally setup Stessa to record in the transaction register the direct deposits from AirBnb. Then recently I imported last years income via a .CSV file. Doing so duplicated our income obviously impacting the financial statements.

How should I as a new user handle this. Delete the import or the .CSV? I do see using the .CSV it captures the Booking and Platform fee’s from AirBnB.

Is there a way in Stessa not to automatically record income?

Did you get an answer to this one? I’ve got the same issue.

Stessa can’t tell that an imported value from your bank is a duplicate of an imported value from the AirBnB file. I just delete out the direct deposits from AirBnB that come in from the bank account. They all show up the same way, so it’s pretty simple to bulk delete them and just use the AirBnB import. Yes, it’s an extra step but it’s not bad. I just do it at tax time - that way during the year I can roughly see in real-time how the income is, and when I import the file, I bulk delete the bank deposits.