Managing reserves with Stessa

Any ideas how to manage property reserves? I hold Operating Reserves and Replacement Reserves based on a Capital Needs Study we do every 7 years


I have the exact same question. I actually take a % off each rental payment to hold for CapEx, Repairs, and Future Billed Utilities. I was thinking I was just going to move them both into the escrow account in Stessa but then I can’t distinguish between them.

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I also have this question. I don’t see any obvious way to do this. This is a critical feature for me, as my spreadsheets (as clunky as they were) handled this before I decided to migrate. I will have to move back to homegrown solutions if I can’t track this easily.

I was looking in this forum for an answer to this question! I move a set amount to a reserve savings act each month. It is neither adding or subtracting from my bottom line.
Please help!

The best way to do this is probably via a separate bank account. Set up a dedicated savings or checking account for reserves and move funds on a regular basis. Once that reserve account is connected to Stessa via your External Accounts page page, the account balance will show on your Balance Sheet report as an asset.