Management Fees

I have a leasing agent and the management fees come out for the top end on their side and I can;t figure out how to add that in to each month manually. My deposits only show the rent after the management fee deposits. It would be cool to just put in the percentage that come out of my rent each month for management fees and have that calculate in. I pay 10% to the leasing agent but never see that on my bank statement.

I agree, being able to set a percentage and have Stessa figure that out would be great. For now, I just go to the deposit, then turn it into a split transaction. I change the deposit amount to the gross rents, then add an expense for the management fees and anything else that was already taken out.

I’m in the same situation now. At the end of the year, it balances out. $0 on the management fee when filing taxes but 90% of rent.

Would be great if Stessa can add option to set up % for management fees.