Option to adjust Rent Proration Method

It would be nice if a user could customize the rent proration method used, California for example requires basing it off of a banker’s month (30 days) regardless of actual number of days in that month. Because Stessa is using a different method for prorating the month I will have to add a credit to make the tenant appear current on rent. But this is not ideal.


I second this request! I prefer using a 30 day month to calculate prorates. right now I just have my leases set up to begin on the first and make my own credit for the days not occupied, which is not very accurate for record keeping. I would really love if we could just make the charge editable so if I didn’t agree with the prorate Stessa calculates I could change it to suit my needs.

Yes agreed! I sometimes rent by the week and also have to work around the prorate formula.