Custom rent due date other than first of the month

Hi, I have a unit that is rented as a regular lease but the rent is due on 9th of each month instead of 1st. I can’t find a way to set this up in Stessa. It currently pro-rates based on 1st for the first month. It’s causing issues as my rent comes in on 9th.

Hi @vishalsood,

Good news - we recently added this option. If you click on the lease, you’ll now see an advanced option to change the due day from the 1st to the 9th. Once you have this changed, pro-rated rent will also be re-calculated based on the 9th being the start of each billing month. Let us know if this works for you!


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I have looked everywhere I can think of, not finding this ‘advanced,’ lease option. Move dates and convert month to month, nothing else really. What am I missing?

I have a little different need. Looking for ‘advanced due date.’ My rent is due on the 1st, but I may not want to consider it late on the 1st. And it would be nice to enter any penalty amounts automatically on the appropriate schedule.

@greg_kissell Yes, use “Grace Period” to handle this scenario. The option is available when editing the lease details via the Leases & Tenants page:

I finally found where to edit the lease. Accessing this is NOT intuitive. I was looking under settings, or a button or something with a clue. Nothing. Even a little bug to let you know it is a clickable field.

Thanks for the design/usability feedback. Currently, the “clue” is that the dates and rent amount turn blue indicating they are clickable whenever you hover the cursor over the details. I agree that an edit button or icon might be more obvious. We’ll take note of your suggestion for a future round of improvements!