Edit tenant ledger prorated charge

Platform is picking up the prorated rent due based on the lease dates, however, the amount that is charged per the lease is rounded down and does not include any change. How can I update the charge to reflect the correct amount per lease terms?

@cstein601 Sure. To arrive at the correct balance due, simply visit your Leases & Tenants page, click on the appropriate tenant, and then “Add a Charge” or “Add a Credit” (under “More”) as necessary. Stessa’s default proration method follows the most common formula used by most US banks and cannot be adjusted directly.

This article may also help: Tenant Ledger: Track Charges, Payments & Balances by Tenancy | Stessa Help Center

Thanks @devin for the reply. Maybe build into the backend to allow within the end-user settings to use this method or rounding method.

Another one is 2nd month proration. System currently doesn’t do this, but for those of us that do - would be another good back end setting that each user could turn on / off depending if they use it or not.

Just some feedback… :slight_smile: