Weekly Lease vs Monthly

Australian here, hi.

As I understand it, this is an American program and so your rents are calculated and paid monthly. However in Australia, they are calculated weekly and then paid either weekly or fortnightly in advance.

Unfortunately, I cannot see an option to set it up like that, with the rent charged on a weekly basis. And simply making the rent total 4x[Weeks Rent] doesn’t work because one month =/= 4 weeks (28 days). Eg - Bob pays me $200 a week, every Monday, which is his pay day, but he can’t just pay me $800 on the first of every month because he’s not paying for the full month of 30 or 31 days. It doesn’t add up and people wont pay differently because its just not how its done here down 'unda.

I have tried dozens of programs for my growing room rental business, even purchasing subscriptions to the big name rental management software companies, and so far this is the only one I’ve found that ticks all the boxes EXCEPT this one problem. Am I missing something when setting up agreements? Is there a work around or a way to change settings? I’ve spent so much time and money trying to get other programs to link to my bank and track the rent, I was so excited that this seemed to work but then the monthly calcuations just derail it.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and if any devs are reading I’d be very keen to discuss how a few minor changes could open up the site to a non-American market - I’d even be willing to pay for these features to be added.

Note - I did look into setting them up under the “short term” rental option but that is daily and I don’t think it works. A middle ground of a weekly charge instead of a monthly or daily would be amazing.