Move Property to New Portfolio After Estate Settlement

I’ve been using the app for a few years while managing my mom’s portfolio. This year, her estate settled and now the portfolio is in my name.

I need to start the books fresh, since the final tax return will be filed this year on the estate, and I will be moving the portfolio into a new entity. How do I create a new portfolio (or account), moving the property to the new entity and not losing all the information, since we still have the same leases/accounts in effect?

@plipman As you said, you need fresh books/new start. Especially with a new legal entity involved.
Thankfully Stessa does not stop you from adding the same property twice, which can come in handy for unique situations such as this. I recommend creating a new portfolio and add in all applicable properties. Unfortunately I do not see a copy button to this magnitude. Appears you will have to manually add these in but it can be done.

Best of luck and very sorry for your loss.