Merge my multiple Stessa accounts

I currently have several Stessa accounts to manage different portfolios. I’ve recently become aware of the Portfolio feature in Stessa that would enable me to do all of this under one log in. Great feature!

Is there a way I can transfer all the information from each of these accounts into one master account, or do I need to go through setup for each Portfolio and property all over again and then add in details of financial information for past years for all transactions (hoping this is not the answer)?


@veracityre Good question. If you could please reach out to support and include a list of the email addresses associated with each of your accounts, we will confirm ownership and see what we can do to consolidate this for you.

To open a new support conversation, just click the blue circle at lower right after you’ve logged into Stessa. Then click on “New Conversation.”

Thank you. I will do. However, I did find a quick workaround that may have solved the problems:

  1. I added a new portfolio into my main account. Then I invited the email address associated with another account.
  2. I logged into the other account (the one just invited above). I saw the new portfolio that was added, and I moved all properties into that new portfolio, then deleted the old portfolio (which was now empty).
  3. I then logged back into the main account and saw all the information had moved into this account for that one additional portfolio.
  4. I repeated this step across all portfolios until all of them were in the main account and each of them had an assigned “read only, editor, or manager-level” user from the external account for that portfolio.

This appears to be working now… although I am having additional remaining issues with some bank accounts - primarily due to PNC And 2-step verification.

@veracityre While this approach gets a gold star for creativity, I would advise against it since it will inevitably limit your ability to update and repair some of your linked bank accounts. Only account “owners” can manage external data sources, so your “main account” discussed above will never have full access rights to all data sources you’ve connected across all accounts.