Multifamily best practices, transaction / expenses roll up via Portfolios

Hello - Just set up Stessa and looking for guidance I have 2 Apt complexes (12 and 8 unit). I have Stessa integrated into Appfolio and looks like I have a way to divide each transaction to specific properties which is great. What I need help with is how to have all these transactions roll up to the complex itself so when I run reports I have a holistic view by apt complex THEN look at each units cost allocation. The platform is getting the needed info BUT just not seeing how to best set that up. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

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@ed1 Looks like we missed your original post. Sorry about that! It sounds like you have two properties, which you can either set up as a single Portfolio or two Portfolios. The two Portfolio approach is probably best since that will also open up the ability to track Portfolio-level expenses separately. Note that this creates a separate bucket for reporting (via a dedicated column at far right). This does not allocate income or expenses across the actual properties. If you want to allocate, you’ll need to use the “Split” feature.

These two support articles explain how this all works in detail:
Assigning Transactions & Reporting: Portfolios, Properties, and Units
How to Split and Merge Transactions

Hope that helps!

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Hey Devin - I set up 2 “Parent” accounts which is the 2 properties I own. From there I set up each specific unit as a “child” account where I allocate each expense to each unit. The other expenses that cant be attributed to any unit (say lawn care, prop management fees) I attribute to the parent account. Now what I want to do is run a holistic report for the parent account that includes the units (child) accounts so I get a holistic view of the income and expenses for each parent account. This is similar to how the software I sell works (google Cloudability) and I belive you have the same functionality just not seeing it. Thank you!

@ed1 We don’t really have a concept of “parent” and “child” accounts on Stessa. It’s recommended that you have only one Stessa “account” / one set of login credentials. In this single account, you can have an unlimited number of Portfolios, Properties, and Units. You can then assign any transaction (income or expense) at the Portfolio, Property, or Unit level. Reports can also be run at all three levels as desired. I think this functionality will get you where you want to go!