How to set up odd multifamily in Stessa portfolio

So I have a single parcel/property. It has two structures, each structure has its own address, but this is a single parcel (from the city’s perspective and when buying/selling it). One structure is a up/down duplex and the other a SFH.

In Stessa, is it best to set this up as a three unit property or a two unit and single unit?

My PM has it in AppFolio as a two unit and a Single Unit, so there is an owner’s statement for each. Of course there is a single mortgage and single property tax for the parcel.

My goal would be to set it up so that reports and metrics work right, and I’m just getting into Stessa so looking for any guidance.

Interested also. Did you find a solution?

I would envision

Property <—Mortgage and bank account here
unit one
Unit two

But since I am new to STESSA I am not sure how to do it…

Hello, did you get an answer to this, or were you able to figure it out? I am literally closing on the same exact scenario tomorrow.


Hi. I’ve not heard back on this and then lost interest. I really like the idea of this online tracking/accounting system. But I’ve retreated back to my own excel files for now.

@timothy Best practice here would be to set up a single 3-unit property in Stessa. It sounds like your PM has made an internal decision to track the structures separately, but the reality is that it’s still a single property with one lone and one property tax bill. You’ll just want to assign all imported Appfolio data to the one property via your External Accounts page, and you should be good to go.

Thank you. I’ll have to log back in and take a look at this. I appreciate. The guidance.