Portfolio within a portfolio?

I have an apartment complex comprised of several buildings.
Each building has several apartments, so expenses can be linked to the whole complex, individual building, or an apartment. This would require three level grouping, creating portfolio within another portfolio.
As far as I understand it is not currently possible in Stessa.
Am I missing something?

@sapronovyt Well, there are essentially four organizational and reporting levels in Stessa:

  • All Properties (full reporting only)
  • Portfolios (link income and expenses, and full reporting)
  • Properties (link income and expenses, and full reporting)
  • Units (link income and expenses, and some reporting)

Unit-level reporting is still somewhat limited but we’re adding to it regularly.

For your situation, I would probably recommend setting up the complex as a portfolio, and then each building as a separate Property. Hope that helps!

Hi Devin,
Thank you for your input. It looks like what you’ve suggested is the most granular option.
It means I will not be able to see transactions for a specific apartment, but I can live with that since it doesn’t affect the property taxes (which is my major concern at this point).