Multiple accounts and multiple logins

Our company will have 3 different companies and bank accounts. Is it possible to have more than one company/account? Also, can we have more than one employee log-in?

@pkatt Yes. Stessa is designed to handle multiple portfolios (under a single account), each of which can be shared with different users if you like. For your specific need, you’ll want to arrange your Properties into three separate Portfolios, via your Portfolios page.

Just drag and drop your Properties until you have each one in the correct bucket.

You’ll then want to invite collaborators to each Portfolio. Each collaborator will have their own Stessa account/login, and will only have access to Portfolios to which they’ve been invited. The level of access is up to you: Manager, Editor, or Read Only. You can read more about collaborators and permissions in the support article, The Power of Portfolio Collaborators.

For more help with Properties and Portfolios, check out Add / Delete Properties & Manage Portfolios.

As for the separate bank accounts, you’ll be able to connect them and then link each account directly to a Portfolio or Property on a 1:1 basis. No collaborator will have access to your bank connections, but they will be able to see automatically imported transactions data for the Portfolios for which they have access rights.

This doesn’t address logging into different Stessa accounts.

I can’t find the button on the bottom left task bar that allowed the user to log out.

Could you please help me with logging out of one account and into another?


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Where is the log out link?