Net Cash Flow report not placing Sale Proceeds under Purchase, Sale, & Refinance

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but it seems like one to me. I followed the instructions in the most recent article of how to track purchases, sales, and refinances (Track Purchases, Sales, and Refinances | Stessa Help Center). This guide says I should categorize my final sale price “Income > Sale Proceeds” (separate issue: I think the guide meant to say “Transfers > Sale Proceeds”).

After doing this, I looked at the Net Cash Flow report and expected to see transactions I marked as “Transfers > Sale Proceeds” in the new “Purchase, Sale, & Refinance” section. Instead, it currently shows “Sale Proceeds” in the “Transfers” section of the report which doesn’t seem right to me. I’m expecting to see all purchase/sale/refi activity in the “Purchase, Sale, & Refinance” section.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

@nross83 Thanks for reporting this! Yes, good catch, the help article should say “Transfers > Sale Proceeds.” This has now been updated. We’ll take a closer look at the other issue and post an update here once resolved. You’re correct that the Sale Proceeds category should indeed show under the new “Purchase, Sale, & Refinance” section.

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This bug is now resolved and the “Transfers > Sale Proceeds” category now shows under “Purchase, Sale, & Refinance” as expected. Thanks for your patience!

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@devin shouldn’t this be the same for the category Transfers>down payments? I put a earnest money down payment on a property of $10,000 on a $157,500 property I purchased recently. I received a loan of $155,000 at closing. Including closing costs the total amount due at closing was $160,955. At closing I received a check for $4,045 ($10K deposit plus $155K loan proceeds less $160,955). This means that on day one of owning the property I have positive cash flow of $4,045. But if I categorize that $4,045 as Transfers > Down Payment it is not included in the cash flow report. If I calculate it as Proceeds it makes the loan look higher than it is. How can I demonstrate in the reports that I invested $10K of my own money and account for the $4,045?

@timothytdelaney The “Transfers” categories are for tracking only. These line items will not show up on any reports or metrics in Stessa. “Transfers > Down Payments” is intended to track the transfer of funds required for closing purposes, but it does not eliminate the need to also record:

  • The full purchase price as “Capital Expenses > New Acquisitions”
  • The new loan amount as “Mortgages & Loans > Proceeds & Payoffs”
  • All relevant closing costs

Collectively, these will net out to the proper cash in amount / down payment, which is then accurately reflected on your Net Cash Flow report.

Learn more about how to do this via Track Purchases, Sales, and Refinances.