New sub-category for contractors or creative jobs?

Under the “Legal & Professional” it would be nice for a sub-category for creative or their party contractors. For example, I hire someone to take new pictures of a property. I can categorize that is legal and professional service but none of the sub-categories really fall under hiring a photographer. The same goes for other creative jobs such as video editor, print shop (signs, t-shirt, brochure, ect…), staging service, moving service, on and on. To make it broader for broader use it may be better to have a “Third Party Contractor” option since that would encompass anything not narrowed further by the options already given. Your call or ask CPA for a better term.


@freedomrentalhomes So, most investors would consider photography, t-shirts, signs, etc. as “Admin & Other > Advertising.” That bucket is typically used expansively to cover anything related to marketing and selling, including staging, etc. Does that make sense?

I will use that. I don’t feel it fully encompasses the expense though. To me advertising is more newspaper ads, PPC, Google ads, ect… It doesn’t really fit someone who maybe someone you send a 1099 to. I will use it though.

I would like to see photography as well.